Name :   Colin M
URL :   
Boat Type :   No Mans Land Boat (wood classic repro) Standing Lug, Ketch
Comment :   Very interesting pocket cruiser and site.
Name :   Dorothy
URL :   
Boat Type :   none
Comment :   Enjoyed reading about your love of the small sail boat. I am pushing fifty, but when I was a teenager I longed to sail along the coast of florida and I had never been on a sailboat. Now I finally can try to make that dream come true. Reading your website
Name :   Harry G. Rowe
URL :   
Boat Type :   Slipper 17 most recent plus 10 other boats
Comment :   I assume the Seaward Fox is basically the same hull as the Slipper. Just returned from 10 day cruise in the North Channel with the Trailer Sailors. Was amazed how well this small boat performs. Was a real learning experience. I think I read that the build
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