Name :   Dustin
URL :   
Boat Type :   
Comment :   Do you have any web sites to visit or places to call to find one of these boats for sail?
Location :   Louisville, KY
Name :   William W Barrett
URL :   WBarrett1@Sport.RR.Com
Boat Type :   Small sailing sloops
Comment :   Im looking for plans, even a kit, to build my own small sloop/possibly a cutter-rigged boat that cpould be put on trailer, towed with smaller car like my Triumph TR-3.
Location :   Shreveport, Louisiana
Name :   Frank
Boat Type :   looking
Comment :   thinking of buying a used Fox or Nortica before spring, and take off for a year or so.
Location :   New Bern, NC
Name :   Greg East
URL :   
Boat Type :   seaward fox 19
Comment :   A new boat for me in 06 just hope the ice if off by april for its sea trials.
Location :   crowsnest pass AB Canada
Name :   Joel Blatchford
Boat Type :   Balboa 20
Comment :   Can you still find a fox for sell?Sort of looking for one.
Location :   Holly MI
Name :   alan kyle
URL :   N/A
Boat Type :   N/A!!!
Comment :   Lovely boat. Well finished. Good seection and execution of upgrades.
Location :   Houston,Scotland
Name :   gerald blizzard
URL :   
Boat Type :   oday daysailer
Comment :   hi I really enjoyed reading about your boat and what you have done with it, could you tell me more about filling in between the seats for a bed in the cockpit?..I need to do that or something like it for mine..thanks in advance..gerald oh and my email
Location :   dothan alabama
Name :   Ken Marks
URL :   
Boat Type :   
Comment :   Hi Tim! Enjoyed reading your Coastal Cruising article. Any chance you are going to finish the story? Hope we see you sometime!
Location :   Bend, OR
Name :   Frankie Ramos
URL :   
Boat Type :   looking to buy!
Comment :   Nice website! Still undecided as to what to buy, but looks like and interesting boat. I had a Freedom 21 for a while, I think I would like a sloop (the Freedom was a cat too).
Location :   Florida
Name :   Robert Chiarello
Boat Type :   West Weight Potter 15
Comment :   The fox is a beauty and excepting my Potter, one of the best.
Location :   Lake George, NY
Name :   Bob Macks
URL :   
Boat Type :   Seaward Fox 17
Comment :   Just purchased a 1990 Seaward Fox 17. Always intriqued by her lines. Glad that I now own one!
Location :   York Springs, PA
Name :   George
Boat Type :   Slipper 17
Comment :   Got the boat with the centerboard out I have no idea as to how reattach it. Do I need to cut the cockpit deck to attach bolt and mechanism to raise and lower. Any advise would be welcome.
Location :   Miami Beach
Name :   James Horton
Boat Type :   Cape Dory Typhoon
Comment :   My Typhoon is a wonderful boat BUT 32 years old and in need of a refit. I am casting around for alternatives, ie the Fox, Montgomery 17 etc. Enjoyed your site, Thanks Jamie
Location :   Norfolk VA
Name :   Al Hunter
URL :   
Boat Type :   Seaward Fox
Comment :   Im a brand new owner of a 1998 Seaward Fox. Lots of experience on larger boats but the Fox is a whole new ball game. I fell in love with the boat the first time I saw one.
Name :   lael lea
URL :   
Boat Type :   Savage Nautilus 20
Comment :   I am currently looking to buy a Savage Nautilus 20. Some of the comments in your pages have made me come to the conclusion I will be silly not to really try to buy this boat. Thankyou to all those who have made a contribution to the site. leal lea
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