First Name :   Jeremy
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Comment :   Just wanted to say hi Mr. Ballew. You were my math teacher in Misawa about 14 years ago. Still have fond memories of Misawa, your classes, and the energy and creativity you always used to inspire us. I was in your first TEAM math after-school class when y
First Name :   Kimberly
Comment :   Hey, nice website. I am using your site for a project. When was your site made, and what institution did you work with? Thanks ~Kimberly
First Name :   Anissa
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Comment :   Hi Mr. Ballew! Just googling a few old names and ran across you! Tell Mrs. Ballew hello! Happy New Year!
First Name :   Heather
Comment :   Hi. I was thinking about you and wondered if you still had this site. If you still check it I would love to hear from you.
First Name :   Beverly.... Again
URL :   I already said that I didnt have one!
Comment :   Ummm.... I just got done writing you this long e-mail/guestbook signature. And half of it is GONE!! Yes, gone. I hope that It still shows up cause if not I just wasted so much precious time that I could have used to ask wonderful questions! JUST KIDDING!
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